Advanced Dance Lab


July 24 – August 4, 2017 | Monday – Friday | 12:00pm – 6:00pm

Our outstanding faculty has designed this program to specifically work with advanced pre-professional and professional dancers ages 14+ to help strengthen and hone existing skills and technique in multiple disciplines of dance challenging and preparing participants both physically and mentally for a career in dance.

SUMMER ADVANCED DANCE LAB is designed to help dancers to refine their instrument through multiple avenues of dance disciplines led by professional dancers and instructors with multi-years experience in their fields. This collection of master classes during the intensive will include Ballet, Horton, Graham, Limon/release technique, floor work, aerial, classical, contemporary partnering and improvisational concepts. The lab experience will help put into practice real world concepts and principles of advanced tools and techniques that are very seldom taught or discussed in dance classes due to time constraints and other various reasons. Instructors will take an in-depth look at the kinetic, organic and non-organic movement principles with in these various techniques and movement styles.


Video submissions accepted. If you cannot make the audition or would like to send an audition video, please contact M’Liss Quinnly at




» For advanced and pre-professional dancers, ages 14+. Auditions required.

» Housing options: please contact Program Director, Sara Anderson at

» Limited scholarships available, please inquire.


“My daughter was a part of Polaris Summer Programs for 3 years. The benefit to the students goes beyond the substantial value offered. The students are exposed to multiple disciplines. The benefit is experiencing types of dance that they wouldn’t during a course of a year due to any number of reasons including budget or times the classes are offered. The students are exposed to multiple teachers. Each teacher brings their own technique and work ethic and the benefit to the student is quickly learning how to interpret instruction and different choreography. The Intensive is just that, Intense. The students benefit from maintaining or increasing their level of cardio, flexibility and the confidence gained appears in their showmanship on stage.” -Heidi

“This will be our daughter’s third year in the summer program. Every time she finds something new to focus on, and gets really inspired by the variety of coursework and amazing choreography. M’Liss and the other instructors are challenging yet supportive and gentle, and the performance at the end of the program is always stunning. The kids learn so much in a very short time!” -Cory

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