All Access Class

Fridays | 1:00pm - 2:00pm

16+/Adult | $5 Drop-In | Sara Anderson

Polaris Dance Theatre’s All Access Program is dedicated to the movement and artistic potential of each individual despite physical or mental challenges. Our All Access program opens doors to individuals in our community with altered-abilities and embraces the freedom to explore, express, and create without judgment or comparison. Students in wheelchairs are welcome to participate. Caregivers are welcome to attend class and watch or participate in whatever capacity feels appropriate. Artistic and performance opportunities are encouraged and are designed to meet each individuals goals and dreams. Click here for our All Access flyer.

Servicing clients and care providers from Lifesource Group, Medicare, Club Impact and Creative Goal Solutions.



“The dance class is totally awesome! Lights and drama and color. I can see myself doing things into my own life. It helps me feel more comfortable being in front of the crowd. I can make many people shine. Big smiling faces on stage next to me. Really special, like a real live friendship. It feels like magic.” -All Access Student, Michael

“As a new support provider for adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities, I was delighted to learn about Polaris’ All Access program. Then watching Sara, the instructor, work with the class, I was doubly delighted. She takes the strengths and creativity of each participant to form a dance that the group has fun engaging in. Participants are encouraged to share their ideas and care is taken to integrate everyone involved. I have been participating too and find it to be the highlight of my week!” -Dena, Caretaker of All Access Student