Thank you for being a valued patron and an impassioned supporter of Polaris Dance Theatre as we celebrate 15 years!

Happy Holidays from Polaris!

Dear Friend,

Thank you for being a valued patron and an impassioned supporter of Polaris Dance Theatre as we celebrate 15 years! Over this period, we have enriched our audiences with 87 original dance shows, 298 evening length performances, 346 original dance pieces, 9 dance films, 51 original scores, and served as the platform for a talented cast of 92 dancers.

Polaris Dance Theatre is uniquely committed to harnessing the power of DANCE to contribute and nourish the community of which we are a part. We realize that dance gifts us with a voice. In today’s divisive times, it fosters social connection and inspires thoughtful dialog. In our students, it inculcates discipline and patience, spurs self-confidence, encourages creativity, enhances memory, and promotes physical and mental wellness. Live performance reminds us how fragile each moment is and allows us to laugh and cry and feel all the emotions that are such a beautiful part of being human.

Polaris Dance Theatre acts on the core belief that dance is a part of all of us regardless of body type, gender, income, race, age or orientation by…

  • Granting over $13,000 in scholarships annually to low-income
  • Investing over $7,000 annually in our All Access Program that provide
    accessibility to Every BODY
  • Creating a safe and nurturing environment for all – a “tiny toe” dancer,
    a participating senior, a struggling transgender student, a young girl
    who feels powerless, an aspiring pre-professional dancer and so
    many others.
  • Enriching the artistic fabric of your community by presenting 2
    annual city wide dance festivals and providing thought-provoking
    and affordable live dance performances all year round.

Polaris Dance Theatre is a secret that has grown into a Portland dance staple like drinking good coffee, enjoying a flight of microbrews or sipping a fine northwest wine. With your continued support we can keep providing the services that make our community such a rich place to live, raise healthy children, and come together. As you enjoy your holidays, think about the difference you can make in someone’s life and make Polaris Dance Theatre a part of your annual giving.

If you have any questions about our programs, please reach out to me – I will be happy to share our vision and accomplishments with you.


Robert Guitron, Artistic Director
Sara Anderson, Program Director
The Polaris Board & Staff